Gözleme (n.: a savoury traditional Turkish handmade and hand-rolled pastry)

First can we just take note that this is my first posting about food.  How is that possible?!

Look at all the yumminess stacked up!

Gözleme is delicious.  Amazing.  Heavenly.  In fact, it might be one of my favorite Turkish foods.  It’s something you’ll find in restaurants (usually for breakfast fare) or as a street food of sorts (generally at bazaars or set stands since it requires a big cook top).  It’s a thin pastry dough filled with your choice of yummy fillings (traditionally cheese, spinach, spiced potatoes, or spiced ground meat) and if you’re lucky it’s cooked right in front of your eyes.

Gözleme being made right in front of my eyes!

Dough being rolled out super thin

Sometimes gözleme is the only thing that gets me through an unfruitful bazaar trip really…  That and the need to get away from the sharp elbows of my fellow shoppers.

Patatesli (or starch wrapped in starch) was what I needed to get through the bazaar that day.

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