Düzenlenmiş (adj.: organized; regulated)

For those of you who know me, you know I have a bit of a freakish love for organizers, planners, notebooks, and the sort.  For those who don’t know me, there’s no need for you to find out that while I love these handy tools I’m not the greatest at using them.  Wait, I guess there is a need since getting more organized is on my 30 in 30 list… fine!  I admit it.  I love buying planners, but I often lose interest in using them.  I like to think this is because they aren’t as functional as they could be.  Which brings us to how I’ve spent my Sunday…

I made myself a planner!  Well, I should say I’m in the process of making myself a planner.  “In the process” because while I’ve gone above and beyond researching (google, Pinterest, etc.), learning –mostly by trial and error– the functions of Pages, and formatting, I have no idea if it will even work when I take everything to the printer and try to make it into a useable and super functional planner.

I was inspired after I played around on Friday with the templates to make business and yoga class cards (which I also hope to successfully have printed very soon).  See the truth is while I like to think of myself as technologically saavy, I’m not sure others would classify me that way.  I am a former PowerPoint Goddess, but that was not by choice and only by the standards of the typical government bureaucrat.  I think this might be the first time since I left my former life that I have spent hours at a computer working on formatting (okay, working in general and not addictively Pinning, playing with setting up this blog or stalking you on Facebook).   I’m oh-so-very-proud of myself for both finally making yoga business cards and doing a computer-based diy.

Let’s not focus on how much actual time was spent working on these projects (we were pretty sure it was going to rain all afternoon after seeing the storm clouds at the organic market this morning and once I started I couldn’t stop until I finished!).  Let’s think instead about how much fun it will be when I’m successful and post my files as free printables!  Or when it doesn’t go well and we learn some choice new Turkish phrases together!

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