Övünmek (v.: to brag, to boast, to be proud)

I have a bit of the Olympic fever.  As much of it as one can have when one’s belongings are still held up in Bosnia and/or customs here in Turkey.  The fever is handy however when running on the treadmill in the basement “gym” (this use of quotes implies that the gym in my building is a posting for another time) because now there is always something motivating to watch while I’m panting and desperately attempting to finish my comparatively pathetically measly workout without collapsing.

Okay, so this post isn’t so Turkey-focused.  In fact, if one were to read into this too much it might seem a bit anti-Turkey since they have yet to earn any medals this year…  However, let’s be honest — how awesome is it that of the 114 Olympians representing Turkey, 66 of them are women?  It’s really quite awesome.

But back to my not-bashing Turkey, because it isn’t about that!!!  I promise.  I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone specifically. I’m pointing my fingers at everyone.  I’m actually pointing my index and pinky fingers only this evening.

Like this.

I know this is incredibly snotty and probably silly to even be excited about, but I saw this on Facebook this evening (thanks for sharing it, M!) and had this really odd giddiness come over me.  And so, here I am posting about it on my blog.

UT current and former athletes have more summer gold than your country.  Canada, I’m talking to you — is it because it’s so cold up there?

What can I say?  Every now and then a little bit of bragging is okay.  You know, when it’s because your university rocks (whether you have anything to do about that or not… especially the athletics departments).  Okay, I’m done now.  I’ll return to regular blogging next time.

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