Pislik (n. gook; mess; crap)

To say our new master bathroom is spacious would be a bit of an understatement.  I paid a pretty penny in college for a studio apartment with the same (maybe less) square footage and definitely worse insulating and louder neighbors.  The bathroom is not only open and spacious, but full of storage and equipped with his and her sinks.  Which I love.  Despite the ridiculousness of having motion sensor faucets — who does that?!  However, perhaps my favorite feature of our new master bathroom is that we have a separate bathtub and shower.  I know this seems small and sort of silly, but the separate bathtub is also a huge jacuzzi.  And not that awkward triangle-shaped huge.  Okay, well it is triangle-shaped in the sense that it fits into the corner, but the inside isn’t that weird shape.  It’s just a seriously over-sized, big enough for two larger-than-average tub shape.

Ever since we were sent photos of our new house back in March, I’ve been planning my first relaxing, long, hot, bubble bath in our two-person jacuzzi.  What I didn’t know before we got here was that at night, from our bathtub, we have a great view of the Atakule tower (yes, I know that’s redundant — ata tower tower, but most of you readers probably didn’t know that).  Atakule is probably the most famous building on the Ankara skyline* as evidenced by its presence on the Starbucks Ankara mug.  Oh yes, yes I did just use Starbucks mug selection as a standard for famous architecture.  Anyway.  At night, they light up Atakule in different colors and I decided on our first night here that it would be a really relaxing focal point during a long, hot, bubble bath with cheesy chick music playing in the background (yeah… I know, but who doesn’t love Norah Jones?).

So last night despite the ridiculous heat, or maybe because of it, I decided to take my awesomely relaxing bath.  I filled up the tub with hot water, I had my ‘relaxing bath’ playlist ready to go (yes, I actually have a ‘relaxing bath’ playlist and yes I used lowercase letters because they feel more relaxing), some body wash that can double as bubble bath until our stuff gets here, and slipped in to enjoy the view of Atakule.  The tower was even lit up in relaxing greens, blues, and purples — the stars were aligned!

Blurry, but actual photo of Atakule from my tub

And then… I turned on the bubbles and jets.

Sounds great, right?  Jets would help massage sore muscles, bubbles would… well, I don’t know what they’d do really, but who doesn’t like bubbles?  (Little tangent here, but am I the only one that hears the fish from Finding Nemo?  And was his name really Bubbles?  Wiki says it was, but I’m generally suspicious of using Wikipedia as a source.)  So anyway, this is when the relaxing should begin, right?  Right.  But did it?  Of course not.  This would be a pretty ridiculous story if it did… I mean, why would I have such a lead up to “and it was.”  Plus the title would make no sense.  It’s as though you don’t know me at all.

Instead of awesome relaxation from the water jets and bubbles, I got scum and gunk flying at me.  Disgusting.

It was, to say the least, not the wonderfully relaxing plan I had in mind.  I should step back here and admit that the first time I tried to use the tub, I couldn’t because the drain was clogged.  I bought some awesome drain cleaner at the store and took care of that problem.  Okay, now I’ll admit, I should have known from the yucky gunk build-up in the drain that perhaps turning on the jets would be a bad idea…  but I didn’t.  So instead of sitting and enjoying my playlist, bubbles, and the view, I ended up scrubbing the bathtub and having to take a shower afterward.  Needless to say, I was unhappy.  And not relaxed.

(*)Mr. Awesome helped write this post.  Because he played the “what’s-that-word” game with me to get to skyline and afterwards demanded a co-author credit for this posting.

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