Sıcak (adj.; adv.: hot; warm; sultry)… and not in a sexy way

Today’s high is 103° with a “real feel” of 105° (40°C).  Tomorrow’s weather report is the same…  I know everyone is experiencing record highs this summer — perhaps we should have listened more closely to Mr. Gore? — but this week in Ankara is among the worst I’ve experienced.  And I grew up in Texas, so that’s saying something!

It doesn’t help that central air conditioning isn’t something people have in their homes here (anywhere I’ve lived outside of the US really…), nor that half of our ac units aren’t working and we can’t seem to impart the importance of coming to fix them on the folks who are responsible for just such a job, nor that the geography here is such that once it gets hot around lunch time it stays that way until 7 or 8 in the evening before it finally begins to cool off.

Puppy has discovered the impressively cooler marble flooring in the entryway while I’ve been alternating between hanging out our 25th-floor windows trying to catch a breeze and laying under the working air conditioner in the bedroom.  I feel incredibly lazy doing so, but I fear that my only other idea is to abandon puppy and go to the mall.  Which is dangerous for other reasons… (did you know the Gap at Panora is having a huge sale?)

Anyone have good tips for beating the heat, klimasız (:without ac)?

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