Hoppala! (exclamation: Opps!)

January 6th?!  That’s the last time I updated this bad boy?… Opps!

Not much has really changed in the past three weeks, though I do need to do some updating to the old 30 in 30 list.  The deadline is getting eerily close and there will definitely be some things that roll over to the next year’s to do list, but all and all I’m pretty proud of the progress.

Ankara has been a bit dreary with gray clouds and cold winds, but there have been a few days of beautiful sun and snow.  Sadly today is a cold, dreary, and muddy day. 


The Great Catch Up (how would one translate that? “Büyük Yetişmek” mi?)

Arkadaşlar (friends),

It’s quite presumptuous of me to assume you’re still reading and/or following my little blog here given my incredibly long absence and slightly flaky posting schedule the past month (or two).  I apologize for not keeping up with this and will try to do better — it is one of my 30 in 30 after all — in the coming weeks and months.

While there is no good excuse, I think mine could be worse… You see, I’ve been out-of-town.  I was on holiday back to the United States and loved every minute of it.  Okay, almost every minute.  I saw family I hadn’t seen in years, I got to lay in the sun in Miami for a few brief days, I spent lots of time with my immediate family, I didn’t cook a single meal(!), I ate BACON, I went shopping, I drove a lot!

It was heavenly.  But in all of that I completely slacked on updating the ole’ blog of mine.  I could say it was because I didn’t have internet (but I did) or that I didn’t bring my computer (but I did) or that I didn’t have time (oh, I did) or that it was because I didn’t think it’d be interesting to hear about my adventures in America (which is probably true, but when has that stopped me?), but the truth is that I was just lazy.  I would guiltily log on to WordPress to read some of my favorite blogs and check out what friends (in real life and from the blogosphere) were up to while avoiding looking at my own un-updated blog.

I’m back in Ankara now and ready to start fresh.  I’m calling this “The Great Catch Up” because I intend to do just that.  I’ll be catching you up on how my 30 in 30 is going (check out my sweater post!) and how life in Ankara is treating us over the next few days.

So I’m dedicating these new few posts to you, dear friends (okay, at this point it’s probably just my sister and Mom reading… hi, guys.)  Feel free to stay mad and not read the posts, but hopefully you’ll find my wit and intellect so irresistible that you can’t.  Admit it.  I’m charming.  In a way.

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