İş bulmak (v.; to get or find a job) or ‘I get to do what and get paid for it?’

I did it.  I got a job.  (Another 30 off the list and an unexpected one at that!  I am grateful that it will save me from spending all day and night attempting macaroons… which I feel is more of a full-week project.  Don’t worry, dear reader, I’ll post failed attempt pictures so you can laugh with me.) Not a full-time or serious one, mind you… But a job that pays pretty good money.  And will actually be quite fun (I think).  I was emailed about an international preschool looking for native English speakers to teach and while I’ve never been a teacher before there was an opening for the Enrichment Teacher.  Which is basically the fun teacher who does art, ceramics, cooking, and goofs off with the kids.  I figured I can goof off with the best of them so I sent an email to learn more about it.

A small aside here: yes, I know that my previous work experience could have landed me a full-time, more serious job elsewhere that would make more money.  However, as I said to a close friend (and former colleague) when she was shocked that I would seriously consider working in a preschool: either way I’ll be working with childish people prone to temper tantrums, but if I take the “real” job, I don’t get paid for finger painting.  Nor would I get to call them on their childish behavior.  Whereas at a preschool that would literally be my job.  So will I miss some of the seriousness and importance of the old style job?  Yeah, probably.  So I wish I were doing that instead?  Not really.

So I start the Monday after next.  I’m already scouring Pinterest and the web for fun art project ideas, but if you have any favorite websites, art stores in Ankara, or projects in general for little ones — I’m all ears!

**I am scratching this off the list, but plan to continue pursuing teaching yoga as a more full-time job.  Since this position is only a few hours in the afternoons, it shouldn’t hinder my ability to get a good yoga schedule in still.  I feel justified scratching it off the list since it surpasses the minimum income I would have required of yoga to qualify under “get a job”.  (Also because I didn’t really do any of the other specific tasks on the list yet this week (see above about last minute plans to make macaroons)… but we should all take note of how good I have been about my word of the day and photo a day.  Haven’t seen these?  Check out my twitter feed in the right hand task bar… just over there —->)

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