Who is this intelligent and witty lady?


I’m back to this blog trying to find balance again. I was once an incredibly confident, self-assured, and determined woman. I knew exactly where I would be in five years… and then I up and quit my impressive and pretty well-paying job and changed my definition of what I thought success would look like. It took a while, but I became comfortable following my husband around the world for his career and becoming a yogi and asana teacher. I had found my purpose and myself for a few years and this blog helped keep me connected to what ‘normal’ was to an American living overseas. And then we decided to expand our family. Twice. I was swept up in being a mom, in avoiding the politics of a tumultuous time in a country that wasn’t my own but I had felt strangely connected to, and then to moving back to America but thousands of miles from anywhere I had ever called home. Three years after finding out I was pregnant with our oldest son, I am now on a quest to find my happy balance again. This time I’m adventuring through the strange life of a stay at home mom in the strange world of the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. I’ve come to learn that who I am today isn’t who I’ll be tomorrow and that’s okay. I’ve come to learn that balance is more important than perfect and now I’m trying to find balance.



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  1. Justin

     /  August 25, 2012

    I just discovered your blog, my wife and I are also Ankarans. Ankara-ites. Whatever. Looks like you also live in Çankaya? Hope to run across you sometime.

    • Welcome, Justin! I’m never sure how to translate ‘Ankaralı’ either… I do think Ankarans might be my new favorite though. I love new book suggestions so I’ll be surfing around your blog this weekend. Enjoy the blog and send any fun suggestions or ideas my way!

      • Hope you enjoy the book reviews, you know how it is when you spend time with Turkish you read fewer English books. So, I unfortunately don’t keep up my personal blog much. We keep a separate blog of our Ankara adventures, mainly for family and friends to see.

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