Geçmiş Olsun (idiom, roughly: May it Pass Quickly)

I was toying with what to call title this post… safety? security? peace? tragedy?   But then I realized the best title would be the saying that is used so universally here and one I’ve heard a lot in the past day, “geçmiş olsun”.  This phrase is used for illness, car accidents, any sort of upset to the norm really.  And apparently, for suicide attacks on embassies.  I’d like to write all about how it felt and sounded and smelled (you wouldn’t think about that, would you?).  I’m just not there yet. I know I will be, but until then, to all of us: geçmiş olsun.



  1. I’m thinking about you guys and have said a couple prayers for you. I hope you’re doing alright – and I don’t mean physically since I know you guys are physically ok.

    • Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I am doing alright… it took me a day or two to realize it’s okay that I thought it was scary. It might take more than a day or two more for me to stop being jumpy around loud noises, but I’ll definitely be okay. Especially with awesome and amazingly supportive friends like you!

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