Kaybolmak (v.: to get lost; to disappear; to go astray; to die down) or where did my photo challenge go?!

Okay, okay, to those of you who may have taken note that it is now the 4th and I’m finally getting around to posting photos from the 29th of December: back off.  Yes, I’m a bit behind on my photo-a-day challenge, but how was I to know the prompts I’ve been oh-so-dependent on for inspiration would disappear without a trace?  Maybe I’m overreacting (it would be so very out of character, I know).  Maybe the shuttersisters will magic the prompts for January up soon.  Maybe I should actually read their blog to see why the front page seems to have vanished and just has a mysterious Luis L’Amour quote? (For the curious: click here and let me know if prompts appear!)

So what’s a girl to do when something on her 30 in 30 list just goes poof?  Find a new set of prompts.  So, Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge, here I come.  And if I had been more studious and researched more photo a day challenges when I started my 30 in 30, I probably would have chosen to start with FMS’s.  She seems to have more entertaining prompts and hopefully will keep ’em coming!  (At least until mid-March!)

Maybe I should take this opportunity to also switch from Instagram to a less (FaceBook-owned, stealing-art-work) public domain picture sharing application since I use just my old iPhone for my photos.  Any suggestions on a new ap I should be using?



  1. You should definitely start! It’s really oddly fun and even more fun when you get to look back on them. I saw the 365project site — it is very swank and seems legit — but sadly, I need the prompting to keep it up.

  2. Oddly enough, I just signed up for 365project.org One of my friends used it last year and I kept seeing her FB posts. I haven’t actually started the pictures yet… lol They don’t send you prompts or anything, but seem to have a nice website.

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