Hastalanmak (v.: to become sick)

Ooof!  (Another wonderful Turkish expression, often followed by “yaaa…” basically means exactly what it sounds like.)

Hastalandım (I got sick).  I knew it would happen eventually with the weather going back and forth from cold to not so chilly to snow to sun.  Like most unpleasant things, just because you know it’s coming doesn’t make it less unpleasant when it gets there.  Thursday night I was getting sick and knew it.  Scratchy throat, chills and hot sweats.  Yuck.  I fought it though.  I slept in a bit on Friday (and gave in to adding extra layers before going out when my cleaning lady insisted since she knew I wasn’t feeling well). But I knew it couldn’t last forever… my immune system was weak and giving up the fight!

And so I finally succumbed to the sick this weekend.  I taught my Saturday morning yoga class (thanks to everyone who came and brought tons of donations!!!) and then changed back into pajamas and cuddled on the couch with hot tea while passing in and out of sleep.

Today I’m feeling a bit better, but my symptoms seem worse… as tends to be the case with head colds.  I’m hoping to be less snotty and coughy and phlegmy tomorrow.

In other news, I got all my photos from my photo shoot with my friend A.  Actually, I got them a while ago, but I finally put together my website and am so very excited about it.  If you’re in Ankara and interested in yoga or classes or are just a creepy stalker, let me know and I can send you the link to the other site.  I’m seriously considering adding a blog section to it that is all yoga-focused.  And yes, that means you get to avoid some of the yoga-ness here!  What do you think?  Would that be cheesy? (The blog part, not the website part… it’s too late for that.)

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