Things I’m not good at…

… while Mr. Awesome is away.

Wait, you thought this was going to be a list of things at which I do not excel in general.  That’d be silly.  It’d be an empty blog post!  Hahaha.  Come on, that was funny!  It would be a very, very long list and one I’d really rather not focus on.  (Though a mental note has been made to add “editing out my not-so-funny jokes” to the list of things I’m not doing while he’s out-of-town…)

I know it’s silly — especially if you knew me before I met Mr. Awesome when I was a pretty independent single lady — but this being my first time home alone in this new home, I’m noticing the things that I forget or don’t like to do or just don’t feel motivated about without Mr. Awesome and thought I’d share a few with you to see if they ring any bells or if I’m all alone in this.

1. Locking the door at night.  I do it, obviously, but I have to seriously remind myself.  We have those awesome European doors that lock when you shut them and you just have to use the keys to dead bolt the lock shut.  It’s a lovely feature.  Unless you once lived somewhere that you did laundry in the basement and often in pjs and if that’s the case than you might lock yourself out and have to walk fifteen blocks to a friend’s house who (thankfully) was home and had a spare key.  Not that it is a true story from my time in Germany, just you know, that it could happen.  Needless to say Mr. Awesome is usually in charge of locking the door at night so I have to make a conscious decision to lock it.  And then get out of bed at some point in the night to make sure I did because my mind starts racing and wondering if I did in fact lock the door.  (Now’s a good time to remind any concerned readers that I live in a building with really good security and am SURE that I’m fine even if I forgot to triple bolt the doors… it’s just a weird thing now.)

2. Getting out of bed before 9am.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to start my getting up early thing this week.  I’ve set my alarm every day for the past four days to get up by 8:30.  Every morning I’ve managed to come up with some excuse not to get out of bed before then.  How!?  Usually I don’t get up with Mr. Awesome (that man is up and out of bed by 6:30), but I do try to get up and out of bed as he’s leaving.  And if not when he’s leaving, when my alarm goes of at 8:00, it seems like a fair time to be getting out of bed.  Not now.  Not when there is no stirring in the house before the alarm starts.

3.  Drinking wine.  Yes, I know that isn’t something one should strive to excel or not at (you obviously haven’t met some of my friends…), but I feel pathetic opening up a bottle on my own these days.  Trust me, this hasn’t always been the case, but for some reason (maybe I just know better) I feel silly opening a bottle of wine when Mr. Awesome isn’t home to help drink it.

4. Make good, healthy, nutritious meals.  Not that all my meals are good, healthy and nutritious when Mr. Awesome is here… they aren’t.  BUT.  I am much less likely to try to pass off a bowl of cereal or a smoothie as dinner when he is home than when he is not.  I shouldn’t admit this, but on Sunday I ate cereal for breakfast (with a cup of coffee), lunch (with added blueberries), and dinner (different kind — I had polished off the other box at lunch).  That’s probably not good for a person no matter how healthy Kashi’s cereals are.

Luckily, I had some friends over so that I had a good reason to make a good, healthy, nutritious, and dare I say? delicious meal for dinner.  It was great to have the company and they are such fun company.  And, thanks to their two-year-old hitting the terrible twos in a major way, they also serve as a wonderful reminder to take my birth control.  I love you guys, C family!



  1. The hubs is 100% in charge of locking our door too. I NEVER do it and if he were away, I’m sure I’d be in bed, falling asleep and realize I didn’t do it, but not want to get up because I’m already halfway asleep. I’ve also become awful at doing the dishes living with him because he always does them, whereas, when I was a single gal, I’d have the dishes I used to make dinner done before I sat down to eat.

    • Love that you’re with me. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m not just freakishly dependent on the new hubs. I am, however, a bit jealous that yours does all the dishes all the time. Then again, mine does the whole work full time thing and I don’t these days… Never mind what I said about jealous.

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