Kazak (n.: sweater)

I did it!  I knit an entire sweater.  And it’s wearable.  Of course, it hasn’t been soaked and blocked yet so I shouldn’t really be wearing it, but since I don’t have patience or self control I’m doing it anyway.  I figure I’ll block it eventually  and it will be like a whole new new sweater.

So I have knit a sweater before… and a relatively cute one, but in my newbie knitter’s mind I didn’t think about the fiber very seriously.  I was more interested in the color and the pattern than the fact that if I knit a sweater out of cotton it would weigh a TON.  Which is why I almost never wear it.  That and the fact that for some reason it seems to be a bit shorter than I generally like my loose, comfy sweaters… I’m still too lazy to add extra length but it is the plan.  Eventually.  And then I’ll wear that one more.  Maybe (see above about the weight factor).

The heavy, not as cute as it could be sweater is a thing of the past though.  I actually finished this sweater just before leaving for the States.  And I’m quite happy with it.  Retrospectively I should have read more ravelry reviews and comments, because my complaints are exactly as other knitters said — a bit heavy/thick so more of a jacket than a sweater and the sleeves are slightly snug for layering — but overall I am quite happy with it.

The front of my awesomely wearable sweater

A few other lessons learned:

1. Measurements are real.  So if the pattern says the finished project will measure ‘x’ (and your gauge is accurate) then it will in fact measure ‘x’.  So pay closer attention if you want a looser/bigger sweater!

2. Wool, while lighter than the dreaded cotton sweater, is still not really a light-weight fiber.  Plan accordingly.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own back?

3. Pockets should be added BEFORE seaming everything together.  Even if the pattern doesn’t include pockets, be realistic… you like pockets… just add them.

4. Sometimes it is in fact a better idea to buy stuff than to make it.  Overall I love love love that I made this sweater by hand for myself and I really will appreciate the effort that went into it.  However, considering the time and money spent on wool perhaps homemade sweaters aren’t always better than store bought.  This also applies to that silly little voice in your head that says, “100 bucks?!  I could make that sweater!” Yep.  The Eddie Bauer sweaters are worth it.

Very. Which is why these are blurry. You’ll have to believe that it looks like the pictures on the pattern link. Because it does.



  1. #4 is in fact the reason I have never made a sweater. I want to, but if I see one I like and think, “I can make that!” the thought is promptly followed by, “yeah right I would actually make that…” and then I buy it. 🙂

    • It’s not that you couldn’t or maybe even wouldn’t… it’s that you’re a wiser woman than I and realize the effort and money that would go into it up front.

      I will say that I have been better about buying fewer sweaters now that I know I can knit them though. Which is probably best since I once was told I had a sweater addiction (while I still lived in Texas). 🙂

  2. Amazing!!!! And yes, it is really hard to take a picture of your back.

    • Thank you! And I’m glad I’m not the only one. I tried for a good five minutes and then settled on the least blurry ones that also had my back in them.

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