Poğaça (n. delicious bread roll)

Okay, yes.  I added the delicious to the definition.  But it’s true.  It is delicious.  And nice and full of calories (yes, that was sarcastic).  But the delicious part was totally true.

According to Wiki, poğaça is a Balkan speciality, but I never saw it while I was in Bosnia so I can’t really confirm that Wiki  is accurate on that one.  I can however confirm the tastiness.  Here in Turkey you can find quite a few different types: potato, olive, cheese, oh my!  I love mine plain and spread with different yummy things — kaymak, jam, butter, etc.

Surprise! I have a bag of poğaça!

The greatest part is that there is a place right across the park from us that makes poğaça every morning and is frighteningly cheap.  Let’s be honest, posts about food are all about the photos unless there’s smell-o-vision.  Has that been invented yet?  And am I the only one that remembers that episode (Simpsons? maybe… if not whatever it was…)?

Plate of poğaça

Plate of poğaça… there’s cheese, plain, and my favorite olive-stuffed.

Mmmm… Poğaça.  What’s that you asked?  Why aren’t there any pictures of poğaça not in a bag or neatly stacked?  Like maybe half eaten or sitting neatly on your plate, intelligentandwittylady?  You’re funny.  Like these things last more than seconds when they’re fresh and warm.

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