Başlamak (v.: to begin, to start, to launch)

Yoga dersler başladı! (Yoga classes have begun!)

Technically, I started classes last week, but it wasn’t a full week of classes so I’m saying they’ve officially started this week.  I’m teach four classes per week out of my apartment — which isn’t ideal in many ways, but is also great in lots of other ways.  So far I’ve had two classes with two ladies whom I quite enjoy.  The classes are open to pretty much all, but despite quite a few emails I’ve only had two students.  Which could be frustrating, but these two are making me so happy to be teaching that I think it’s perfect.

Something soon-to-be-teachers don’t realize is that once you begin teaching it’s really hard to maintain your own practice.  In fact, it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve done a full-out yoga practice myself.  I’ve been doing my headstands (getting much better, thank you for asking) and some asana that work as great stretches pre- or post-running, but I haven’t been motivated to really practice.  It doesn’t help that I haven’t found classes that fit my schedule and life yet.  (Read: I’ve been too lazy — or less likely, busy — to make it to other classes at the one studio I’ve been eying.)

In fact, as a teacher I’ve even gone so far as to resent teaching classes some days.  Which is why I’m so glad these ladies are so great.  The first class day I really didn’t feel like teaching or thinking about yoga or giving part of myself (another thing students who want to be teachers don’t often realize is how much energy students drain from teachers) and my time, but once we started it was so natural and so fulfilling.  It reminded me why I would teach in Sarajevo for practically nothing — sometimes nothing when I had to take a taxi — because when you have good students you get something out of the class too.  It’s strange that doing something that has no real tangible results (teaching a class) can make me feel so much more fulfilled than I ever thought.

So here’s hoping the classes just keep getting better!

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