Küçümsemek (v.: to underestimate, to condescend, to belittle, to disdain, etc.)

I find it very interesting that the word for to condescend is also the one for some much more purposeful negative words.  I also appreciate that the word almost literally means to make small.  Which is a good way to explain the word in both English and Turkish.

While I really want to write a scathing discourse about how my first day of work (at a preschool no less!) and on one of my once-potential yoga clients have influenced my choice of this word for the title today, I won’t.  Not because I’m working on my complaint-free week — that was shot to hell a few days into my attempt — but because I genuinely want to be above complaining.  Sadly, I am obviously not quite above it. Yet.  But I’m getting there.

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