Yürümek (v.: to walk) 1305 miles to be exact…

I do a lot of walking these days.  I have been really since last April when I up and quit my old life and sold just about everything I owned including my Jeepus Maximus.  For those of you who never knew Max, he was awesome.  Despite his large (by German standards) size and not so useful in the snow rear wheel drive, Max was the coolest.  And the only car I ever bought all by myself (and got what I considered a pretty sweet deal on him).  We parted ways and I’ve been carless since.

Sarajevo was easy enough to maneuver without a car — it was only 7km by 1 km — and the hills made me less than enthusiastic about learning to drive Mr. Awesome’s  manual transmission Jetta.  (The Jetta doesn’t have a name by the way, which just makes me nervous about said Jetta… good cars all get names…)  Since there really wasn’t anywhere I wanted to go that I would have driven to in Sarajevo I never really pushed the promise to teach me to drive… Ankara will be different (and Jetta will be named).

But in the meantime (our car is still being held hostage by customs, but it actually hasn’t been that long and we’re filing the paperwork to have him safely returned to us), I’ve been walking (and busing and taxing).  A lot.

And just when I started thinking, “my God, I walk a lot!” I ran across this guy.  He’s planning to walk across Turkey.  From Kuşadası to Van.  On foot.  Actual walking.  Generally, I think things like this are crazy but he seems to have a really cool plan (and is a writer so I’m sure will write a really cool book about it).  He’d love for people to join him in his walk and while I’ve been training (haha — my walks to Starbucks probably don’t count, eh?) I don’t know that I’ll be able to join him.  But you should if you’re in the area.  Or just donate to it because, well, it’s pretty cool isn’t it?



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