Official 30 in 30 List

I hate the term “bucket list”.  I don’t know why… maybe because after that movie it became so overused, maybe because I just don’t get it, tough to say.  Regardless of what you want to call this, I’m calling it my 30 in 30 list.

As I was beginning to decide in what order to do my 30 in 30, I realized I had far too many habits as goals.  I need more tangible things that I can cross off a list (I love my lists) and write about one every week.  So if you notice a few old posts with the old goals missing, this is why.  Many of the habits and vague goals have been altered to be more concrete and some are completely new.  This Thursday marks the 30 weeks out point which is why I’ve compiled everything so concisely here.  Starting next week I hope to start crossing these off the list, week by week until my 30th birthday.  We’ll keep track of the list here.

The official 30 in 30 by 30 list.

1. Do the photo a day challenge from ShutterSisters blog via Instagram.

2. Knit an adult-sized wearable sweater (same one from before).

3. Be able to do a headstand for 30 breaths.

4. 8km in Istanbul (in November – yikes!).

5. Make handmade Christmas gifts.

6. Cook a full Turkish meal.

7. Make French macaroons.  That both taste and look like them.

8. Make homemade empanadas.

9. Make a batch of pasta from scratch.

10. Make a fancy cake (or cup cakes) from scratch.  Including icing.

11. Post three times/week.

12. Visit Konya.

13. Visit the Black Sea.

14. Visit Mt. Ararat.

15. Visit Mt. Nemrut.

16. Visit a country I’ve never been to (airports don’t count!).

17. Take a hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia (cheating a bit because we already have reservations to do this).

18. Do one painting.

19. Plant an herb garden (the kind that can survive at 25 floors up).

20. Volunteer.

21. Learn to drive a stick.  (Or convince Mr. Awesome to sell it and get a new car.)

22. Learn about Turkish wines.

23. Re-read classics (but which ones?!  I’ve gotten a few good suggestions, but am still open to ideas.)

24. Try to make teaching yoga a real job.

25. Get a job.  If that’s teaching yoga, I have to be making at least 200 TL every week —  consistently.  Preferably more.

26. Make one week complaint-free.

27. Wake up early and be productive for 28 straight days. (Not the same as complaint-free of course)

28. No swearing for 30 days straight.  Even in my head.

29. Teach Olive three new tricks/commands.  (Off the top of my head ‘stay’ would be useful.)

30. Learn (and use) one new Turkish word every day.

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