Eşyalarımız nerede, kanka?! (slang, roughly: Dude, where’s our stuff?!)

So perhaps more of an American slang saying than a Turkish one, but I think it’s fun and very appropriate right now to translate roughly to Turkish anyway.  [Please correct me if my translation is really rough and doesn’t make sense by the way.]

Where on earth is our stuff?!  That is the question.  We’re pretty sure we know where some of our stuff is.  You know, the stuff that was supposed to be waiting for us here before we even left Sarajevo.  Obviously it was not.  Instead it was sitting in a storage unit in Sarajevo until we started harassing people about it last week… so now we have been told it has arrived and will begin it’s wait in Turkish Customs.  Let’s all hope that it doesn’t take as long as the worst case scenarios we’ve heard.

That stuff was the stuff I assumed I’d have within two weeks of being here.  It has now been three and I am so so so sick of the ten articles of clothing (not counting undies, I brought lots of those to be on the safe side… but why am I telling you this?) I brought with us.  First, the jeans are useless in this heat.  As are the three long sleeved shirts I brought “just in case”.  And my work out clothes?  What was I thinking there?! (Okay, actually I was thinking that I was teaching up until the day before I left Sarajevo so it made sense, but still… if I had to trade my running pants for an extra tank top — I’d do it.)  Needless to say, I probably need to go buy new clothes so that I can throw away the three shirts I’ve been wearing in constant rotation since, oh, say July 3rd.

And if you haven’t figured it out: this means LOTS of laundry.  I hate doing laundry…

As for the rest of our stuff — DUDE!? — we have no idea.  We’ve been given an estimate of tomorrow or Monday for it to be ‘here’.  In the vague sense of the term… here could mean Turkey, Ankara, not the Balkans, etc.  We’re not really sure.  We also aren’t sure about the estimated time of arrival, but we’re both holding onto the hope that it really will be here (as in Ankara) in the next few days and released by customs in the next few weeks.  Preferably less than two when our first (hopefully) house guest will be coming for the long weekend.

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