Taşınmak (v. infinitive: to move; to relocate)

Mr. Awesome and I have unpacked our three suitcases, gone food shopping to stock up on essentials, and done some orienteering (okay, walking but orienteering sounds so much more adventurous) to get settled in our new home.  It’s a bit odd to say “settled” since we currently have no furniture and will probably wait a month or two for the bulk of our stuff to arrive, but Ankara feels like home already.

Puppy dog is adjusting well and loves that we have a park as a backyard.  She even seems to be okay with the elevator ride up and down from our twenty-fifth floor apartment.

Yes, we know how screwed we are if the elevator goes out.

The view from our bedroom

As silly as it seems, I’m loving the ability to have food delivered almost as much as the availability of Starbucks.  Of course the best part for me is finding out that I do still remember quite a bit of Turkish, though admittedly it’s a bit rusty, and so I can interact with people much easier and with less stress than in Sarajevo.

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